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LC with Liquid Cooling

LC with Liquid Cooling

LC Three-phase induction motors with liquid cooling
150 to 1500 kW

High reliability: robust housing and advanced mechanical and electrical design

• Energy savings: IE3 Premium efficiency class as standard and a drive package for greater savings as well as higher performances

• Compliance with the highest customer demands: highly compact design saving up to 25% of volume compared to an air-cooled motor and reduced noise level offering ultimate comfort

Performing Design:
The LC series has been designed for a clean environment (IP55) or harsh environments (IP56/65).

Innovative characteristics:
• Modern housing allowing excellent heat dissipation

• Sophisticated cooling system reducing the noise level

• Improved modularity thanks to its fabricated steel design

• Patented breathable membrane that ensures continuity in production and low or no maintenance

Cost-effective adaptability
• Higher power in an equivalent standard motor frame size

• Compactness of the motor for easier and less costly integration within a machine or a system

• No need for any external component, such as ventilation

Reduced Noise level
The LC series has been designed to significantly decrease the noise level by -10 to -20 dB (A) compared to air-cooled motors

Patented high performance membrane
LC motor is delivered with a waterproof breather plug which is air and steam permeable, but perfectly tight to liquids (mini IP66).

Variable speed application

LC motor has been designed integrating a thermal reserve for maintaining the rated torque over an extended speed range as standard.

However, reinforced winding insulation and insulated bearings as well as an encoder for precise positioning can be provided upon request

Frame sizemm315 to 500
Ingress protectionIP55  (56 or 65 on request)
Number of poles2, 4, 6


LC Manual